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Midas Insight

Midas Insite developed Feelter, a unique social media website widget.

Brand Perceptions

The Challenge

Midas Insight enables visitors to get all the blogs, forum insights, photos and videos they need without leaving the site. This means visitors stay on the site and are focused on the products they are interested in throughout the purchase period.

The Strategy

Having successfully beta tested in a sample market Midas Insight chose UK as the launch country and appointed the Terry Arnold Consultancy to manage the launch.

Phase 1 Evaluated best business sectors for early adopters, built a pipeline across 3 verticals, emailed introductory emails with links and an offer of 1-month free trial. The Result Across the UK sample of 1000 CEOs, CMO’s CTO’s 12% responded and prompted, this was increased to 41% when prompted

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