Our Success Story.

Our research shows...  
a growing number of projects start in research consultancies.


AI has no respect for individuals.


This is because markets are becoming increasingly complex and competitive. Proof, year after year Campaign surveys show the most important reason why companies move their marketing account is they find it difficult to get fresh input from them. As a result, the search to find new and better ways to increase market share has led to a growing interest in small independent and specialist shops, SMEs.



Get inside your customers head.


Increasingly, people are switching from brand to brand, searching for new and better products and services. To win and retain business you need to get inside your customer’s head. The Terry Arnold Consultancy understands communicating 1to1 is the only way that fits your clients’ needs. We achieve this by optimising research, accurate insights and presenting creative solutions.



Arrive ahead of the competition.


The Terry Arnold Consultancy is a marketing led research consultancy. We have on-board all the resources you need to chart your destination, accurately. From brand strategy to quantitative research, writing flagship reports to mentoring.



Creativity, our catalyst for a competitive edge.


It’s not just the ingredients that matter, it’s the way you handle them that determines the end result. For example, some markets are highly volatile, others fizzle out without a trace, all markets need careful handling. That’s why, in addition to research we put equal emphasis on creativity, combined they are a potent force for success.

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